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Jabra REVO Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth technology has come a long way since its first inception and folks are still discovering the joys (or new joys) of going 'wireless'! Jabra REVO Bluetooth Headphones is a tight little package that offers superb wireless functionality combined with the technology to operate two devices at the same time! (Ie: hook your phone up while listening to music on another device!)

Cost is at the top-end of average. On Amazon currently the Jabra REVO Bluetooth Headphones is selling for $204.39 (they are on sale, reg. cost is $249.99). They arrive with the headset, carry pouch, connection instructions, USB cable, and a detachable audio cable.


The lightweight headset folds for convenience and arrives with a soft 'pouch' to store the Jabra REVO Bluetooth Headphones along with their accessories. While the insubstantial design seems flimsy, it is actually quite sturdy, with an expensive quality feel found in higher-end products.

Accolades are being granted to the Jabra REVO Bluetooth Headphones for superior sound quality. The sound is unmatched in headphones at this price level, and the comfort level (at least for the short duration) seems to please most of the wearers, not slipping or shifting while wearing them to do daily exercise routines or moving about their workspace. Dropping them does not seem to harm them, although repeatedly doing so is not recommended, a couple of bounces off a concrete surface and they still seem to work great!

Another pro is the long battery life, reportedly 12+ hours of playtime, and up to 10-days if left on, but not operating. Still, using it 2-3 hours per day, will let you go two or three weeks before a recharge is required – unheard of in other products!

Jabra REVO Bluetooth Headphones continually amaze wearers as sound is surprisingly clear from 20-30 feet away with a wall or two in between, although sometimes between 15-30 feet the sound becomes distorted, it usually corrects when you return.


Something expected to have been included at this price range is a hard-sided case to transport the Jabra REVO Bluetooth Headphones; the soft pouch offered is too insubstantial to protect an investment of over $200.

The 'on-the-ear' design can be annoying and painful if you need to wear them all day as the pressure on the exterior of the ear causes throbbing when the Jabra REVO Bluetooth Headphones are removed. Not all wearers may experience this issue but it is significant enough to mention. Even though the cup is designed with memory-foam cushioning, it is recommended you purchase the earpad cover to keep the material from making your ear feel 'too warm'.

Frequent complaints include the overly sensitive controls (placed on the outside of the earcup) that are supposedly 'intuitively designed', but, for some, are rudely annoying as inadvertent contact can send a person crazy while the music or event skips forward; backward or simply stops. It is not easy to find where it skipped from, and if you are listening to a pre-recorded podcast, this can prove to be a big distraction if you 'lose' your place halfway through a lengthy one or two hour recording. Would be nicer if button controls were added for those of us without nimble fingers.

Press the ear-cup once to pause/play; press twice to redial the last number? Not cool. As the controls do not always react instantly when you tap them, it's difficult to know if the Jabra REVO Bluetooth Headphones is responding or if you need to re-tap. And do we really need a button to redial the last person we called on our connected phone? This, while not a large complaint, is significant. As suggested by another, it would be nice if this feature were eliminated or reprogrammable to the individual wearer's requirements.

Common criticism: not enough ability to extend or enlarge the frame for bigger heads and even slightly larger heads have difficulty wearing the Jabra REVO Bluetooth Headphones for extended periods due to the 'on-ear' design pressing too tightly.

Recharging, is fast and painless, and you can listen to 'whatever' while it charges if you are plugged into your music/podcast device. What you can't do is use the controls while you are recharging the Jabra REVO Bluetooth Headphones; they don't work while plugged in. Would have been simple to bypass that annoyance.

The heavy weight of these headphones causes some fatigue, would be nice if they could be lightened without affecting quality.


Jabra_HALO2 – Another headset in JABRA's remarkable line of merchandise, that offers incredible sound, and noise-cancelling advantages when using the built in speakers for your connected phone or audio device, (something the REVO does not). This product seems to hit all the same buttons as the Jabra REVO Bluetooth Headphones except battery power seems to fade about 4-hours sooner, although it boasts 13-days of 'stand-by' time. For nearly $150 in savings, I think I can live without the additional battery use. Coming with a different style of ear 'cups' the design seems sleeker.

JABRA REVO, wired. Comparably speaking these have all the features of the unwired, Bluetooth version except you are 'wired' to your devices. For some this is not an issue, they prefer the knowledge that they are not about to walk out of range. The cables are a tough bright-colored fabric coated with 'in-line' controls so you aren't searching for your device to accept calls, change the volume, switch tracks or turn it on or off. With two colors to choose from and $50 (approx) less than the Jabra REVO Bluetooth Headphones these are a decent, albeit wired, sturdy set.

Compared to Other Products

'Beats' by Dr. Dre is a good comparable, although the price difference seems to outweigh any supposed improvement, with 'Beats' Studio Wireless priced at around $400. (Regular Wireless 'Beats' cost around $300, but come in a wide variety of colors, something that all manufacturers should take into account!)

'AE2w Bluetooth®' headphones are a truly comparable product as they offer many of the same features as the Jabra REVO Bluetooth Headphones with the happy bonus of being able to use it with the voice-recognition apps.

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'G-CUBE Hits Master Bluetooth v3.0 Headphones' are a very inexpensive headphone set that promises clear sound; compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices and comes in black or white. Drawback is the limited battery life of only 24-hours max. The cost, though, may outweigh the need to recharge more frequently, as they start at around $55.

'Sony® MDRRF985RK Wireless Headphones' have thick, memory foam earcups and a cushioned, adjustable headband. It does take longer to recharge (approx. 3.5 hours and lasts about 25-hours.) The range brag seems unbelievable as it boasts quality transmissions at up to 150-feet. (Possibly because it's using radio-frequency transmission?). The cost is comparable to the Jabra REVO Bluetooth Headphones ($200) with slight fluctuations.

'Sennheiser RS 116 II Wireless On-Ear Headphones; the Sennheiser RS 126 II Open, Supraaural Wireless RF Headphone System; Sennheiser RS 116 II Open, Supraaural Wireless RF Headphone System', while advocated by many, use the radio frequencies and not Bluetooth technology. Having a range of approx. 300-feet may make these babies a better choice for consumers who require more roaming-room. Prices vary from $100 up to $250 and offer good sound and freedom from wires.


Sennheiser RS 160 Digital Wireless Headphones on sale

'C2G® Classic Wireless Stereo Headphone', at under $65, they are an inexpensive comparison. With 165-ft range and rechargeable lithium batteries and charger included, these are a good budget choice.


Would be more impressed if the Jabra REVO Bluetooth Headphones were a little less expensive as there seems to be a wide variety of cheaper alternatives that do a fairly decent job, however, for a set that seems to deliver time and time again, looks nice to boot, the Jabra REVO Bluetooth Headphones appear to be a decent value. Would also be pleasing to see in a wide variety of colours; pink being one I can see getting a lot of attention; gone are the days of black, grey and granite for our electronic devices – bring on the color!

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