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Are you an athlete and cannot seem to find headphones that will stay in your ear during a strenuous workout? Or are you looking for a pair of Bluetooth earphones that offer superior audio quality? With so many choices on the market, it may be hard to decide. However, have you ever considered looking into the JayBird BlueBuds X Sport Bluetooth Headphones. They were designed specifically with athletes in mind.
The JayBird BlueBuds X Sport Bluetooth headphones are a pair of impressively small Bluetooth sports earphones. They are sweatproof, compact and lightweight with exceptional audio quality. JayBird believes in the quality of these devices so much, that they offer a lifetime sweat warranty. This means if the BlueBuds are damaged for any sweat related reason. Jaybird will replace them free of charge. These top of the line Bluetooth wireless earphones are virtually the best pair available for those who live active lives like athletes and people who like to exercise.
The BlueBuds headphones are smaller and lighter than other similar, but more affordable, Bluetooth headphones and they have a longer battery life. In addition, the comfortable earphones with three different sized silicone buds to assure the best fit for any air size and three wings that are designed to keep the headphones in place when you are being active. For your comfort and for a secure, BlueBuds can be adjusted and worn in a variety of ways:
1.   Over the ear with a shortened cord so that it rests close to the back of your head
2.    Let the cord dangle like a regular pair of headphones
3.      This the preferred way where the cord sits in front of your neck or behind it. The front option is most desirable because it enables one to have the microphone sitting close to the mouth for easier telephone conversations.
There are some cons that are associated with this, 

otherwise perfect, piece of technology. They are 

as follows:
1.      They do not fit everyone the same, which is unfortunate because a tight seal makes for the best sound quality. Use the wings to alleviate this issue.
2.      Entangling the cord and keeping it out of the way can be a little bit of a hassle. Make use of included lengtheners for best fit. They will have to be manually adjusted.
The JayBird BlueBuds Sport Bluetooth Headphones do a pretty good job of keeping outside noise levels down. Although sound quality is usually lacking in most Bluetooth wireless headsets, it can be said the BlueBuds are the exception with great detail, strong bass, and sound that doesn't distort at high volumes. The BlueBuds Sport Bluetooth earphones are clearly superior to many of their more affordable competitors like the Freedom and Freedom Sprint Bluetooth headphones. Compared to the other models, BlueBuds design is unique look and better sound quality.
The best feature of the BlueBud's earphones is their ability to stream wireless. They work with virtually any Bluetooth enabled device like the popular smartphones and tablets that are on the market currently. The remote and microphone is able to control playback, track navigation, the volume, and answering calls. Simply tap the call answer/end button once to pause music; double tap to redial the last number called, and if you want to listen to the song that played before, just hit the volume down button to get to the desired track.
To charge your earbuds, lift the cap on the left earbud that cleverly disguises a micro USB port. BlueBuds come with a cable for charging which that should be plugged into said port. You will have to buy an AC adaptor.

Headphones that are used for exercise have improved dramatically in their utility and comfort. Many fit securely and are sweatproof, but BlueBuds still manages to stand out from the competition.The JayBird BlueBuds Sport Bluetooth earphones are perfect for athletes and those who love to exercise because they are designed to be sweat proof, streamlined, secure, and to have excellent sound quality. Although they are an all plastic design with plastic chrome trim, the quality of the materials are superb and these earphones will last a long time. They are virtually the most exercise friendly pair of earphones on the market and are available in white and blue. It comes with a hard shell protective case to keep your earphones safe.

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